Commercial Aspects Of Engineering


What is tendering

Tendering is the process of making and offer in response to invitation or request to tender. Companies will other suppliers to respond and meet the needs at cheaper price

What is a request for tender

A request for tender is an open invitation for suppliers to respond to a request being sent to potential suppliers. The request for tender usually requests information required from a request for information. It will not usually cover just product and service offerings, but will also include information about the suitability of the business. A request for tender is often not a very time or cost efficient method


What is contracting

intellectual rights

Copyrights is a form of protection granted to the authors for original works of authorship, both published and unpublished work. A copyright protects a form of expression rather than the idea or subject matter itself.

Trademarks is another common type of IP. A trademark is any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination used, in commerce to identify the goods of one manufacturer from goods sold by others.