December 11, 2015 - Vol. 47

Thank you for sharing your creativity during our first Family Night Exposition!

STEM Academy expanding to the high school grades:

When Cannon Elementary became the district’s first STEM program for the 2013-2014 school year, it served students in grades kindergarten through fifth-grade. Seeing the need to continue this focused STEM instruction, the district expanded the program into Grapevine Middle School in the Fall of 2014. The program at GMS now includes students in sixth and seventh grade, and in August 2016 it will extend to eighth-grade. Currently, the district’s STEM program stops at the middle school level; however, campus and district leaders are looking ahead to the future and beginning in the Spring 2016, staff at Grapevine High School will begin professional development with the aim of offering specialized STEM instruction for ninth-grade students in the Fall of 2017. The decision to locate the high school STEM program at GHS was made after considering the curricular resources already in place at the GCISD Technology Education and Career Center, which currently serves both Colleyville Heritage and GHS students. As with the program at Grapevine Middle School, the STEM Academy will continue to progress each year with students, eventually becoming a kindergarten through twelfth-grade initiative. While the district and Grapevine High School are very early in the planning stages, we wanted to let our STEM families know that the district is looking ahead and we are excited for the opportunity this will present for our students. We will continue to update you throughout the next year as we continue to grow the STEM program in GCISD.

Semester I Exams on December 16, 17, 18

Help your child prepare for the upcoming Semester I Exams:

  • Study a little each night. Many classes will have reviews and practice to make the end of year exams as successful as possible.
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of exercise, rest and enjoys a good breakfast.
  • Stock up on those #2 pencils, please!

Here is a look at the exam schedule:

Wednesday December 16

  • 1st Period Final 8:10 - 9:35

Thursday December 17 - Early Dismissal Day!

  • 2nd Period 8:10 - 9:27
  • 3rd Period 9:31 - 10:48
  • 4th Period 10:52 - 12:10

Friday December 18 - Early Dismissal Day!

  • 5th Period 8:10 - 9:27
  • 7th Period 9:31 - 10:48
  • 8th Period 10:52 - 12:10 ​

Time to Rest, Relax and Recharge!

GCISD Winter Break: December 19 - January 4

Students return to class on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016.

Coming up in the next Semester ...

Are You interested in becoming a GMS STEM Academy Ambassador?

GMS STEM Academy Ambassador applications will be accepted in January for:

  • new 6th grade Ambassador positions;
  • additional 7th grade Ambassador positions

Visioneering 2016 - SMU Lyle School of Engineering

Saturday, February 20, 2016:

Visioneering celebrates the ways that engineering makes a difference in the world by immersing middle school students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in the fields of engineering, the design process, team work, presentation, and problem solving skills.

For more information on GMS team participation contact Mrs. Adkins.