Winston was treated the same as the innocent prisoners in Abu Gharib and in the Stanford Prison experiment. Winston was being forced to accept the false society created by the government. The government brained washed every one to thinking that they do not have t think about anything. The government wants to prevent "doublethink", which is the idea of believing two things at once that are complete opposites. The government brain washes people in the Ministry of Love and releases them back into the society for a few days and then they disappear and become unpeople. Unpeople are the people that the government deletes from the society and from ever existing. No one else can talk or think about them unless they want the thoughtpolice to come and arrest them. The government in 1984 is no better than the experiments that we have learned as torching goes. O' Brian is a product of his society and also a victim. He is both because he was brain washed into thinking that the government is always right. The government turned everyone into a victim except the few that are like Winston and know the actual truth.