Dust Bowl 2.0

The dust is coming back...

By Conner Jimison And Thomas Smith!!

How the Dust Bowl Happened

The first Dust Bowl happened because of the drought. The drought made crops dry out and start letting of dust. Then the strong winds caused the dust to kick up. This started for large amounts of Dust to be carried around by the wind. This later caused for dust storms to spring up all over the place. And all over the place huge dust storms that could cover you in less than a minute. In the dust storms you could hold your hand to your face and still you couldn’t see it. These storms caused for lots of panic and since the crops were drying up the dust kept coming and coming

"The recent drought experienced throughout much of the United States has many similarities to the conditions during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.The Dust Bowl, also called the Dirty Thirties, was a period of severe dust storms brought on by drought and poor farming methods."(Agronomy.org)


The Dust Bowl could it return?

Another Dust bowl could be starting and some are worrying because in 2010 a West Texas Thunder storm kicked up large amounts of dust creating a huge dust cloud. This caused for people driving to not be able to see and then seventeen cars crashed into each other but luckily only one person had died after two eighteen wheelers crashed into them and sandwiched the person. In 2010 nearly sixty percent of America was experiencing drought but mostly in the west. Drought though is a natural phenomenon though but it was dry and others were wondering if another Dust Bowl would occur. What do you think???

"A West Texas thunderstorm on July 24 kicked up a dust cloud as the winds passed over ground parched and barren from a drought that began back in 2010. As the dust passed over Interstate 20 just before 8 p.m., drivers lost sight of the road before them and quickly slowed down, setting off a chain of collisions as 17 cars and trucks ran into one another. Two 18-wheelers sandwiched one car, killing its driver and passenger."(Smithsonian)

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/Are-We-Headed-for-Another-Dust-Bowl-179667051.html#ixzz2nwtchtA3

How can we stop The Future Dust Bowl

Well one way to stop it people could use Organic farming to stop more dust from kicking up. We could use other tools such as No-till agriculture. Another way to stop another dust bowl would be to study it and the reasons it happens so that we better understand it so it would be easier to prevent from happening. This would make it easier to stop because we would know what to do. This would cause us to be able to farm again our own ways and when another Dust Bowl occurs we would know how to stop it.

"Decades of industrial farming have depleted the natural organic matter (and “tilth”) of many Midwestern soils, reducing their ability to absorb and store moisture. Fortunately, no-till agriculture and organic farming practices can restore the health of the soil, and greatly improve the resilience of crops to extreme weather."(NYTimes)


The New Dust Bowl Studies

Some more information about the Dust Bowl.....Could it happen again?

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