Digestive System

By Tori Pinner

Main Organs

Do you sometimes wounder how your digestive system's parts ans jobs work? Your mouth is part of your digestive system when you put food in your mouth your food is covered with saliva which is your sticky and slimy spit. Your teeth grind your food which goes down this 10 inch tube called the esophagus. Your esophagus transports it to your stomach that has acid in it breaks down your food. Intestine absorbs all the nutrients from your food so it can go down to the large intestine. Your large intestine absorbs all the water and sends it to your rectum.Your rectum gets ride of all the waste that your body does not need.

related systems

What are other systems in your body related to the digestive system? Have you ever wondered if the nervous system is connected to the digestive system. YES,it is when you are hungry your stomach tells your spinal cord your spinal cord sends the message to your brain which sends the message to you and tells you that you are hungry. Does your circulatory system related to the digestive system. Yes, it does your smooth muscles help your food go through your digestive system and helps your stomach to break down food.