Democracy Campaign

Jose Martino

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"Your vote is your voice."
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Vote for democracy and finally have a chance to be heard, a chance to choose what you want, and a chance to do what’s best for your classroom.

What is it?

Democracy is a type of government where the people or population has the rights like voting and they elect the representatives of their countries. Democracy has existed for thousands of years with evidence of it in Ancient Greece and it has grown through time with countries all around the world using this style of government. Historical records show that the early form of democracy (primitive democracy) had the ultimate power resting on male citizens.

Set of rules

In my government I will implement a set of 5 rules that will help make the classroom fair and make it comfortable for the students.

Set of rules:

1. Activities in class will be short and interesting

2. DA's will be encouraged

3. All decisions made by the teacher and president will be said to the people and discussed

4. Work will not be done at home

5. No violence is permitted between the people

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How will it help?

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Why is it better than others?

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Vote for what is right!

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