Paper Warwick Staff Meeting

Tuesday March 15th, 2016 (In-Service)


  • Office of Residence Life Updates
- Summer RA Apps due 3/18

- Residence Life Leadership Banquet on 4/10 from 7-9 PM. RSVP ASAP! You were all sent an e-vite last week.

  • Spring Evaluations happening during your 1:1s the next 3 weeks
- Week 1 RAs (Anna, Blake, Gracie, Addie, Shawna, Chris M) this week if you can get the evals done in time, if not then two weeks from now we will discuss.

- Week 2 RAs (Emily, Kirsten, Wesley, Chris B., Chris M.) next week have them ready for your 1:1s

  • Keep putting RCFs of students that move into a different room in my mailbox!
  • Bowl of Truth Activity from last staff meeting
- I know last week's activity was really intense, and I truly appreciate you all participating. I did an activity that I saw fit, but you do not have to share the same opinion. I have plans to do other team building activities that are more positive by nature for our staff. However, if you all have any feedback for me or would like to process with me about the activity from last week or how you currently feel about the staff dynamic, please do not hesitate to reach out.

- Thank you to all those who have already offered feedback and processed with me about the activity.

  • Going to sent out a survey with different activity options we can do as a staff for the rest of the semester for us to vote on so we can pick a couple things that everyone wants to do! I plan on sending it out on Wednesday, so if you have any ideas for fun things to do please email them to me by Wednesday morning.
  • Chris B.'s bulletin board was ripped down again. Please keep an eye out and keep your ears to the ground about who may have done this. I have already sent out a building wide email, but any information you can get would be very helpful.


  • (From Anna) Capture the flag!! All halls are welcome! Either a Friday Afternoon or Saturday morning in the coming weeks! Let me know if you want to join.
  • Pizza Party on 2 East (Krystalee) on Thursday, March 17th from 9:30-11pm.
  • Orientation Assistant (do the behind the scenes set up for orientation) is a summer position that is available! The start and end dates are flexible, and you can do this position and be a Summer RA at the same time! Application closes 3/23


  • Kudos to Emily for being there for me for moral support. She is an amazing staff member and a great friend. I know I can always turn to her to talk whenever something goes wrong or to just catch up.
  • Kudos to Kirsten for being a great RA, fantastic duty-mate, and entertaining snapchatter
  • Kudos to Krystal for turning 21!!!
  • Kudos to Wesley for turning 20!!!
  • Kudos to everyone who was able to get things off of their chest last staff meeting!
  • Kirsten for opening up to me, I know that takes guts, and being a true friend and supportive person. Without you, I don't think I would be able to do what might be the best thing I've ever done for myself.
  • Chris B. for being a real pleasant person.
  • Emily for always being sweet and kind and a loving friend.
  • Chris Mercendetti for being someone I can trust and go to in my time of need.
  • Krystalee for being such a healthy person to be around. Just enough positivity and just enough realism.
  • Addie for always being upbeat and sunny-side-up.
  • Wesley, stay swaggin.
  • Blake for listening when I needed to open my heart.
  • Anna I am so glad I have gotten to know you this semester and can't wait to work with you again.
  • Shawna for keeping on keeping on. :)
  • Kudos to Emily for her awesome rendition of Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Kudos to Anna for making me question my ability to survive on a deserted island. Challenge Accepted.
  • Kudos to Gracie for being so supportive
  • Anna's a great duty partner, y'all jelly.
  • Kudos to Wesley for doing some bomb face swaps
  • Thanks mom for always being there for me, love you!!
  • Kudos to Krystalee for being the bro-est bro.
  • Kudos to Krystalee for being my go to
  • Kudos to Kirsten for being so awesome, you do you honey boo boo
  • Kudos to Wes for being a Great RA
  • Kudos to Krystalee and Blake for being so much fun
  • Kudos to Birk for always making me smile!
  • Thank you so much for making my birthday special. I love you guys and am so lucky to have y'all as friends.
  • s/o to Krystalee for being old!
  • s/o to Wesley for being (less) old!
  • s/o to Laura for being a really great HD and working so hard for us
  • s/o to Gracie for not hating me for missing our coffee date
  • s/o to everyone (esp. Birk) for going above and beyond with bboards this week! They all look great
  • Kudos to Birk for always being fun and inspiring me to go play some frisbee and hang out outside! You've inspired us all to go get some more vitamin d.
  • Kudos to Chris M for keeping a smile even through all the work!
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