Team Hill Weekly Update

Dutch Fork Elementary, Title 1 School, Dec. 11, 2014

We Rocked MAP Testing!

I'm so proud of the effort put forth by each student this week during MAP testing! Many students made significant progress and I hope each and every one will continue to grow and put forth their best effort in their daily work!

Highlights of the week ahead...

Friday, Dec. 12- Colonial Times unit test

Code of Honor- computer programming session

Fox Fun Friday

Wednesday Dec. 17- Mr. Larry Metcalfe will be coming with his telescopes for us to view the sun! Our student representative and recycling captains will be mulching the butterfly garden getting it ready for winter weather!

Friday: Dec. 19- Chapter 6 Division Test

Friday, Dec. 19- our class winter party 1:20-2:25. Thank you so much to all who have volunteered to bring in items!

What we are doing in each subject area...

Math- it's all about long division. Please help your child to review division facts- students must have multiplication and division facts mastered in order to perform the basic algorithms in math.

Social Studies: We are going to take a virtual tour of Williamsburg, research the various trades and artisans of the era and then build a replica colony! We had a ball today reading about various parts of colonial history from the clothing to "medicine", foods and somewhat silly laws of that day. Stealing a silver spoon could bring you punishment of death!

Science: We will be reviewing our knowledge of the solar system with a visit by our favorite astronomy, Mr. Larry Metcalfe from Saluda Shoals.

Writing: We are working on our "blogging" skills- responding through technology and Todaysmeet to share our thoughts on various issues in 140 characters or less.

Reading: We are using various techniques to read and glean information from informational texts such as hardcover texts, websites, and paperback informational texts. We are also making sure that we are consistently checking for understanding as we read and if we don't understand something, we go back and reread. We are currently reading "The War with Grandpa" as a class and our read aloud is Andrew Clements, "No Talking".

Please check out the videos below to review long division.

Check out the tutorials on Chapter 6 as well. 4th grade has the three hardest concepts to cover in all of elementary ed- double digit multiplication, long division and fractions. It may take students a great deal of practice, but practice is crucial to mastering these concepts!
Long Division Song
Math Antics - Long Division