Ultimate Frisbee Club


New Official Practices

  • Sunday 6:00-8:00PM on the Soccer Field
  • Thursday 6:00-8:00PM on the Soccer Field
  • Friday 3:30-5:30PM at Turtle Rock Community Park

If you have suggestions for more practice days, please contact me with a list of at least 10 players that will commit to those days as well.

Community Service Project

Friday, Feb. 12th, 3:30pm

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Anaheim, CA, United States

Anaheim, CA

Higher Ground is excited to have us teach their youth about Ultimate Frisbee again, and this time, they want us to stick around for dinner!

We will be leaving the school at 3:30PM hopefully to arrive at 4PM.

Remember you must participate in at least one community service event during the year.

Life's a Beach Tournament--Fill out the google form below if you're interested!

Team Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 8-8:30pm

Soccer Field

We will discuss upcoming tournaments, events, and community service projects. If you have anything you want to discuss during the meeting, please email me before hand.

Clubs and Organizations Pizza Party 02/17 at 6PM in Sigma Square

Clubs and Organizations is throwing a pizza party for any member of clubs that want to go. Please RSVP to me if you want to attend so they can order enough food.