Teachers Matter Conference 2014

Brace Yourself! Hamilton, Jan 31st.

What did they think of the session?

10 teachers provided feedback after this afternoon's session. This is what they thought, on a scale of 1 (poor) - 4 (excellent):

  • Facilitator's punctuality: excellent (100%)
  • Facilitator's presentation: good (20%), excellent (80%)
  • Materials used: excellent (100%)
  • Pace of session: good (10%), excellent (90%)
  • Variety of activities: good (10%), excellent (90%)
  • Usefulness of activities: good (10%), excellent (90%)
  • Confidence to use Thinking Maps in the classroom: good (20%), excellent (80%)
  • Time allowed to cover content: OK (10%), good (40%), excellent (50%)

What went well?

"Enjoyed chances to do practical thinking times - making maps. Great wiki resource to come. Thank you so much." Waitakere Primary.

"All of the workshop. Very practical. Thank you Jo! Really good pace - would like more." Bell Block

"Hands on" Marist Primary

"All went equally well. Maybe just a touch more about the life - practicality connection."

"Thinking music, and plenty of time to complete and discuss maps."

"Everything." St Paul's, Massey.

"Enjoyed the chance to practice what was being presented. Helped understand map and remember it better." Riverhead.

What was particularly useful?

  • Practical use of maps.
  • Everything- really enjoyed learning all the different uses for maps.
  • Time to discuss the maps and complete them.
  • The session on breaking down the whole [brace map] which will be appealing to boys.

Any further comments?

  • Not enough time.
  • Time restrictions. I wanted more time to work with Jo.
  • Thank you!