Welcome to Brazuela

Looking for paradise? End your search now.

What is Brazuela?

Brazuela is a newly established state, located in northeast South America. With beautiful beaches, lush, green, forests, and successful, industrious cities, it's the ideal place for anyone.


Who leads the country of Brazuela?

In Brazuela, we believe in upholding the rights of the people, and letting the people to choose who the leader is. Therefore, to choose the Brazuelan president, elections are held every 8 years, and any legal Brazuelan citizen over the age 12 can vote. Our system is called a representative democracy; the people choose who they want to lead them, and those leaders rule the country.

What is the government's stand on the economy?

In Brazuela, government officials practice what is known as a mixed economy system. Our country of Brazuela is rich in oil and timber, and so we have elected to let the government control these industries; by doing so, Brazuela generates a tremendous amount of money, which can then be used to give back to the citizens--here in Brazuela, both sales and income taxes are under 15%, health care is free, and our country prides itself in charging some of the lowest prices for one of the best education systems in the world!

Why should I move to Brazuela?

Government Benefits

In Brazuela, our government strongly believes in giving back to its citizens. Because of the money our government makes in the oil and timber industries, we have more money we can use to help our citizens. Here are some benefits you would get from moving to Brazuela:

1) Completely free health care
2) Free education systems through high school
3) Incredibly cheap college tuition
4) Retirement benefits
5) Maternity benefits
6) Low taxes

Natural Beauty

Brazuela is full of rolling hills, beatiful coastlines, and tranquil forests. In Brazuela, you can choose to settle in the mountain city of Cadencio, or in the ocean city of Belly. You can have a peaceful home alongside the Bethan River, or live in the bustling town of Vikirango. Whoever you are, Brazuela has a place for you.

Good Jobs

Many people have become concerned that because of Brazuela's mixed economic system, there won't be an abundance of jobs. However, while the government controls the oil and timber industry, this is merely a small fraction of the work available in Brazuela. If you're looking for work, Brazuela has everything you could want: technology, food, automobile manufacturing...the list goes on and on! Brazuela has an unemployment rate of 4%, and we expect that number to drop. If you need a job, search no further.