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SEO Company Mississauga

SEO Company Mississauga

With all the changes Google has made to its search algorithm recently, many website owners feel lost when it comes to their search engine optimization efforts. The lines between "whitehat" and "blackhat" actions have never felt as blurred as they seem to be right now.

Still, there are some things that have not changed, and are never going to change. No matter how Google, or any other search engine - seemingly at will - goes and alters the rules in the middle of the game, search engine optimization is always going to be concerned with things like crawlability, indexability, keyword research, performance analysis, or on-page content. There's more to search engine optimization than link building!

It's basic, really. Your content needs to be available and discoverable to even have a chance of ranking in search engine results. If search engines are not able to crawl and index your pages properly, your website is simply not going to rank. The job of an SEO is to address all technical aspects of optimization that may hamper the success of your website, such as any duplicate content issues, ensuring your website has the right URL structure, or implementing proper schema markup. When was the last time you checked how fast is your website loading?

Keyword research has indeed changed, but the premise of understanding how people use language to search for what your website offers has stayed the same. There is just less data to look at thanks to Google's "keyword (not provided)". This has also hampered the performance analysis to an extent, but the importance of performance analysis, again, stays the same. Luckily, keyword position is not the be-all and end-all of search metrics.

Nowadays, everybody is talking about content marketing like it is some new thing that is going to replace SEO. Content marketing is neither new, neither "new SEO". Great content is not enough; it has to be structured the right way. That means making sure your content is above the fold, and even meta tags are still not to be forgotten: you must have title, header and alt tags in place. By the way - do you moderate comments? They are also part of your website content, and should not be neglected.

There are some things that are never going to change in regards to search engine optimization. Even before Google turned the search landscape upside-down, SEO was never an easy, set-it-and-forget-it affair, and good SEO always costed good money as well!

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