Georgia Colony

By: Carson and Tochi

Welcome to Georgia

A place with plenty of beautiful land, perfect to have a fresh start.
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  • Here in Georgia we focus mainly on agriculture.
  • We provide lots of food and cash crops to the other colony's.
  • Like tobacco, cotton, wheat, and corn.
  • With the amount of food here you will never starve.
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  • In Georgia there are hilly coastal plains, large mountains, lush forests, and fertile soil.
  • The climate is warm and humid, good for farming.
  • The winters are very mild, so you don't have to worry about getting illnesses like up North.
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  • In Georgia we are governed as a royal colony.
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  • James Oglethorpe and other colonist founded Georgia.
  • They founded Georgia so that debtors and persecuted protestants could seek refuge.
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Why live here?

  • Think of all the things you could do with the land and resources available to you.
  • Here in Georgia we have no dominate religion so if you're being persecuted by the church it's safe here.
  • If you're not doing very well in society you can come here and have a fresh start
  • We have plenty of forest and good farming land.
  • Lots of livestock
  • Lots of slaves so you live more than work more.
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Georgia Colony