Natural Disasters

By: Christian R, Lexus B, Logan K, Jared M


In the world there are various beautiful places to live, amazing breath taking views, perfect recreation, great job opportunities, and amazing food and culture. The only problem with these places are that they also have dark sides with them. Volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis rule the Earth with unstoppable force for millions of years. Here we will count down the most dangerous places on Earth and why people still chose to live there.


Location -

Indonesia is an island just north of Australia. This island has many different tourist attractions with its amazing beaches, incredible lakes, and stunning islands. The great landscapes in Indonesia will take your breath away. Lake Toba is a tourist hot-spot because of its indescribable scenery. In addition to this scenery, one of the most beautiful islands in the world is in Indonesia. This paradise is called Derawan Island. Many species of fish and different corals draw sightseers and natives to come dive in. In addition, the tourists that take a vacation to Indonesia also come to see the historic monuments and unusual buildings. Even though all of these things attract people to live in Indonesia, there are some landscape features that may be hazardous.

Tectonic Activity -

In fact, the reason these people are taking such a big risk is because Indonesia is sitting on top of the Australian, Pacific, and Eurasian plate. In addition, the volcanoes and earthquakes that are produced in Indonesia are because of the subduction zone. What this is doing is the Indo-Australian plate is starting to move under either the Pacific and Eurasian plate. Because of this, it will start to peak out of the water. Some of these pieces of land are not islands; they are actually volcanoes. Another thing that it may do is create many different varieties of earthquake. (Big and Small) .

Why Is Indonesia Dangerous? -
As you can imagine, these subduction movements have created more than 140 volcanoes and many more earthquakes. Out of the 140 volcanoes there has been about 1,171 eruptions. There has been many earthquakes in Indonesia and they are responsible for over 125,000 deaths. The most recent earthquakes and volcanoes haven't been so bad. For the volcanoes the worst that has happened is send out a thin layer of ash in a 3 mile radius. But for earthquakes there has been many of them around the magnitude of 4.0 and 4.2. This is why Indonesia can be the best and worst place in the world to live or vacation to.


Location -

Japan is a beautiful country 1,019 miles off the coast of China to the East. Japan is an island that has lots of surrounding islands that make up the country. It is 142,000 square miles of beautiful scenery. Forests mountains and beaches that will blow people away. The beaches have white sand and beautiful crystal clear and brilliant blue oceans that you can swim in. The forests are filled with cherry blossom trees and Tokyo sky trees. Finally, the Japanese mountains are marvelous sky scrapers that look marvelous with the silky white snow on the top. It is a great place to live because of the scenery but there are a lot of other factors too. The food in Japan is not only amazing, but it is also very healthy as well. It consists of lots of seafood and fruit, along with tons and tons of culture and tons of cultural events. The Japanese run off of the Gregorian calendar so instead of having New Years on January 1st Japan’s New Year is on January 31st. That goes to show that there are tons of cultural events in Japan. The jobs in Japan are plentiful and give good paying jobs. Along with the good work there is amazing transportation for the people to ride to get to people’s jobs. The reason that so many people ride the public transportation is because the cities of Japan are very safe. The mountains that pop up in Japan are amazing and are creating because of tectonic activity.

Tectonic Activity -

Techtonically , Japan is a extremely active place with tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquakes being made all the time. It has tons of surrounding plates such as the Pacific, Philippine, Yangtze, Amur, and Okhotsk plates. The reason that the mountains were made is because Japan sits on a convergent plate. That is when the two plates move to together and collide until they can’t move each other and they just shoot straight up. The plates have made 20 plus mountains in Japan and over the history of Japan there have been 100 plus volcanoes due to convergent plates. Also, because of the convergent plates Japan actually moves 3.5 inches per year.

Evidence -

Along with the tectonic activity there are lots of brutal earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes that have combined for about 490, 953 approximate deaths and approximately 335 billion dollars in damage. Along with the 107 formed volcanoes along all of the islands that are apart of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Now people can see that Japan is a beautiful place that people love to live in with tons of opportunities and great things. Along with the great things of Japan they also have some of the worst natural disasters in the world. The people of Japan endure pain, suffering, and death which makes it one of the deadliest places on Earth.


Location -

Italy. the country of culture, amazing food, and great people. Italy is known for its amazing touch on the food industry and beautiful landscape. It is located just south of Germany and southeast of France; Italy has a gorgeous landscape and when viewed at night, it is breathless. From the mountains of great texture that shape the skyline to the water that is the bluest of blues. But there is a slight twist about this beautiful country, the volcanoes. The most active one is located in southern Italy, it is named Mount Etna.

Tectonic Activity

Italy is located in the Eurasian plate, which is basically Europe and Asia’s countries put on one big plate. Italy is just north of the African plate. Plates shifting in and around Italy are what causes earthquakes and volcanoes. Mount Etna was formed by tectonic plates rubbing together, causing magma to push to the surface, also causing an eruption. Per year, there is about one millimeter of tectonic activity. Throughout many years, it is thought to believe that bizarre drainage patterns have been a cause of tectonic activity in Italy.

Damage Brought

Although Italy may seem beautiful and astonishing, it is all deceiving. Over 21,000 people have been found dead due to volcanoes, and as for earthquakes? Almost 218,000 people. Although there isn't much information about the total cost in damage, one of the biggest eruptions, dating back to AD 79, has taken years upon years to recover from. Italy is one of the most dangerous places in the world because of all of this damage.



Ecuador, South America is a very active place. This country is a very beautiful place in South America. It is filled with waterfalls, mountains, and very exotic and gorgeous plants. People choose to live here because of the warm temperatures and the scenic areas all around. It also gives easy access to other locations in South America.

Tectonic Activity

The Nazca and South American plates are what create tectonic activity in this area. When the Nazca and South American plates collide the Nazca is forced underneath the South American. One of the features that these form is the Andes Mountain range. Another is the various cliffs that are scattered around the island.


There have been many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in Ecuador. All of the earthquakes have had a rating of higher than five. About half of the volcanic eruptions have been on the main land. The other half were on the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos are entirely are made up of dried lava from volcanic eruptions.


It is crazy how paradises like these can be so dangerous. So be careful and know your information and location when you are going on vacation of moving a long ways away. My group of student scientists and me have learn so much from doing this research. Thank you for your time.


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