Al Capone

Capone in a snipet

One of the worlds most, famous gangster Al Capone He is also known as scar face, because of an inappropriate approach at a other women and a man slashed a glass bottle across his face. So he got the name scar face, he rose to the leader of the Chicago mafia during the alcohol prohibition era. Al Capone had earned a personal fortune from illegal things, to be estimated at about 100 million, and was responsible for multiple murders.

Early Life

In Al's early life, He was a person who solicited women at brothels , He did a lot of very bad things that defined his criminal life, these little things encouraged the crimes, Many other criminals came from poor backgrounds. Well Als family was poor but his parents were devoutly catholic and they had a boy who started off as organizing his own gang at such a young age to go beat up people. Al Capone was also expelled out of school at a age 14 for slapping a teacher.

Als Crimes

Al Capone had done some very bad crimes , Saint Valentines Day Massacre he did a very bad crime he invited 3 men over for dinner and beat them to death with a baseball bat. That crime every one had gotten amnesia form it. A another one of his very very bad crimes was when his men dressed up as policemen and made the men surrender and he shot them all with his Tommy gun.