Increase Your Usable Income

Decision making season is here! Federal deadlines are approaching quickly!

Attend a financial strategy seminar to maximize your investments, save a significant amount on your taxes, and ensure your compliance with ACA, Medicare & Obamacare.

Using a straight-shooting easy-to-understand approach, we can clearly define ways you can...

  • Accumulate tax-free money for retirement.
  • Plan to pay for children's college education tax free.
  • Avoid outliving your income during retirement.
  • Strategize tax & penalty reductions (or eliminate them altogether!) for your IRA or 401K plans
  • Protect your assets against market losses
  • Find quality, cost-effective health care options for yourself and your employees.


Thursday, Oct. 23rd, 7pm

2345 Dupre Road, Houston, TX 77442

Blah Blah Financial Group