The Year of the Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood

Main Characters

Creighton Brown- 15 year old Creighton Brown is the main character in this book and plays a major role in the plot of the story. Creighton is an English boy who is sent to the American Colonies by his mother. Once he arrives there, he quickly realizes that America and the American people are not all that he thought it/they would be. As the story progresses, we follow his story of struggling with choosing which side to be loyal to.

Colonel Gower- Colonel Gower is Creighton's uncle and is the antagonist of the book. He is a British general and is what caused Creighton to switch to the American side. He is cruel and untrustworthy.

Main Conflict

Creighton wants to discover which side (England or America) to be loyal to, but both sides have pros and cons, so he explores both sides. Creighton battles this internal conflict throughout the story.

Primary Setting

Place: American Colonies,

New Orleans, FL

Time: 1777

How Conflict Was Resolved

After going back and forth between the American and British side, Creighton ended up being loyal to the Americans. He traveled back to New Orleans (where Benjamin Franklin's house and printing press were located) and worked at the printing press with Sofie and Peter. Creighton decided that he agreed more with the Americans ideas and ways of living.