My Best Friends

By:Amanpreet Rangdhu 8D

My friends

I met my friends in grade 6, 7 and 8. Before I had no friends at this school. The first friend I met was Harman Dulay and then I met Arveen Sidhu, Sareena Bajaj, Emryce Kooner, Anureet Gill, Jasdeep Virk, Gagandeep Basra. Some of these friendships didn't last long, sadly :(. Then comes grade 7, in this year I met Baban Kelay, Johanna Wiebe, Shaheena Grewal, Manreet Dhaliwal, Maja Vig, Anicka Wall, Shaili Kealy, Catlin Lu, Yashmeen Gill and Chanmeet Dhillon, Sairna Dhillon, Jasmin Aujla . Some of These friends have moved to different schools so we can't really keep in contact. Now finally comes grade 8, I met Anmol Jandu and Ashi Rai

My Top 5 Friends

I've met a lot of people throughout the past 3 year sand here are my main friends. Harman Dulay, that has been my friend for 3 years, Chanmeet Dhillon has been my friend for 2 years, Yashmeen Gill has been my friend for 2 years, Gurleen Dhaliwal has been my friend for 1 year, including Anmol Jandu and Manreet Dhaliwal.

My Top 4 Bestest Friends

Harman Dulay

The best way to describe Harman is that she is a young girl who want to live her life without pain and not let others worry about things. As well as i know her, she wants others well being, Harman doesn't want others to know she is upset. She has a fun personality, Harman can make a joke out of little things and make others happy. One more thing, she DOESN'T like to be called by her first name

Chanmeet Dhillon

Chanmeet can be a little fussy and she can be a little over dramatic at times but that is what makes her, Chanmeet. When she is happy she wants the whole world to know, at those times and make them the time of her life. She has a kind personality and she is very encouraging. She worries about her hair 24/7.

Anmol Jandu

Anmol is a girl who doesn't care about what others say about her. She communicate with a lot of people from other schools and is a very social person. You can notice when she is happy or sad because when she is sad she does not talk at all, She is great person from the inside and out. One more thing she worries about her hair not being straight when it is straighter then ever.

Gurleen Dhaliwal

She is a quiet girl but once you get to know her you won't regret it. She is an outrageous girl who makes things a little wrong but other wise she is a great person. I can be stupid in front of her and tell her anything and she won't even spill a word and like the others she worries about her hair a lot.