Life as we Knew it

By:Ben Step.

Plot Summary

Earth was just a perfect planet and nature was balanced until an asteroid hit the moon and pushed it closer to Earth. Miranda and her family now have to survive extreme cold weather in the warm state Pennsylvania and are basically in a world wide famine while every coastal area was wiped out by huge hurricanes and tsunamis.

Setting of the Story

The story takes place in the state of Pennsylvania USA in a town where the main character Miranda survives in her house with her family and occasionally goes outside to a place called Millers Pond and many other places around and in town.

Character Description

Miranda- A bold, strong, determined and wiling person.

Matt- Strong, smart and knowing person.

Mom- protective, worries a lot and kind.

Johnny- Smart, into baseball, survivalist, strong and young.

Mrs. Nesbitt- Kind, giving, old


For most of the story the climate was really cold and harsh. Miranda and the family had to block up the whole sunroom just to stay warm in it.