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The song Dear Mr. President by Pink is a song directed toward Former president of the Uinted States George W. Bush. This song is an open letter to him asking him how he can live comfortably while many people are suffering and homeless.

"this song is an open letter to the President of the United States at the time, George W. Bush. In the song, Pink asks questions covering many controversial issues, including war, homosexuality, the homeless, abortion, and drug abuse." ( )

"Let me tell you about hard work."

this quote from the song Dear Mr. President by Pink is saying how the president knows nothing of hard work because he lives comfortably in the white house controlling everything. while people have to work and go though suffering just to make minimum wadge and to get by in life.

"How do you walk with your head held high"

this quote is asking the president how he can walk proud and stronge amungst the damage he has caused and the lives he has runined. she is asking how he can just smile and act as if nothing is wrong when he should be fixing the damage he has done.

"How do you sleep at night."

this quote from the song is asking the president how he can sleep at night knowing that the society he worked so hard to build is just crumbling down and revolting around him. He' s basically being asked how he can sleep through a hurricane.


The issue is that the former president of the US has neglected to serve his country. He has let people struggle and become homless. he has let people starve and suffer. The president is supposed to help the people of his country survive, but he has yet to do so. I agree with the message that this song is sending becasue i veiw the president as someone that is supposed to help us survive and get through hard times. Unfortunatly no president has shown us that they care enough to do so. This song has made an impact on the issue of any government authority helping the people of this so called great nation. It has made an impact by allowing the public to hear what their leader has done for them and he has done nothing. In conclusion the president of the US has neglected to help the citizens prosper as a society as a mother bird neglecting to nurture her young.
Dear Mr President lyrics Pink