Projects in Progress

Virtual Open House with Mrs. Anderson's Crew

Critical Thinking

Our classroom is structured in a way that allows us to grow through project-based learning. We are currently in the middle of our critical thinking unit, where there is a different focus for each grade level. We begin each unit by delving into the learning objectives. Then students devise their class "Knows and Needs to Knows" based on these objectives and the skills/information they will need in order to successfully complete their final project. The Knows and Needs to Knows list, along with class mini-lessons, help drive our learning. At the end of each nine week unit, students will complete a project as the assessment to the unit.

Second Grade

We are creators!

We just finished a project where we wrote our own plays about the last meeting of a prey and predator. We first reviewed the writing process, then how to write dialogue. Then we designed and created our own sets and characters for our plays. Lastly, we collaborated with our classmates to perform and record our masterpieces. Take a look at our video. Hope you enjoy!
Second Grade Plays

Third Grade

Unsolved Mysteries...

As part of our critical thinking unit, we have taken on the role of Web Investigators, where we are learning and sharpening our critical thinking skills whilst deciding if various websites are valid and sources are credible (pertinent skill to accurate research). The focus on unsolved mysteries has made our learning more interesting and fun! Check out the website below, and you'll most likely have lots of questions for your child.

Fourth Grade


As part of our critical thinking unit, we have been working on designing our own video games!! Don't worry, we're not just playing games all day, there is a method to our madness:) We have already learned the elements and principles of design, and are in the midst of experiencing the design process through building newspaper tables. Check out the website below that we're using to help us create our games. I'm sure your child has lots to share.

Fifth Grade


As part of our critical thinking unit, we are delving into the various industries and their disciplines, so we will have a deeper understanding of how innovations come to fruition. Check out the QR codes in the hallway to our Blendspace/Smores sites to find out what industry interested us the most, and what we now know about it. This will definitely help us create a product to further develop for our final projects. Hope you enjoy!