Steam Powered Ships

Many different models and designs.

Luxury Ship

This model is the perfect ship for a wealthy family. This ship includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, and a nice balcony for enjoying the ocean view. We will build your ship the exact way you want it. For 34,000 pounds.

Custom Ships.

To customize a ship of your choice, come to our factory in Liverpool and sit down with our architect. he will design a ship to your needs. Whether it be a luxury fishing ship to a ship just for getting somewhere. The price of your ship will be determined based off how advanced your design is.

Steamies Ships inc.

Building the ships you sail on since 1810. Making sailing a hobby to remember.

Cruise Ships.

Entrepreneurs out there. Are you looking for a nice luxury cruise ship for customers to sail on? Well, your search is now over. We will design any cruise ship you desire. From a ship that can hold 1,000 people, to one that will hold 50. Cruise ships can include anything you desire. With lifeboats for safety, bedrooms, restaurants, pools, workout gym, pipe smoking bar, and racquetball courts. cruise ships can vary to 800,000 pounds to 1,000,000 pounds.

Robert Fulton

The man in charge of everything. The man who invented the steam powered ship. For information of anything about the ships, you can come by the factory and talk to Mr.Fulton about anything. He is here every weekday, and on Saturday mornings.
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