Let's Hear the Roar

Week of April 6th

Note from the LCHS Admin Team

Good Morning Lion Family,

In the last few weeks, teachers, students, and their families have been transitioning from getting ready to go to school every day to prepare for remote learning from our homes. Many of our families have set up schedules, downloaded new apps, setup new logins, etc. All of these changes at once can often make people feel stressed and overwhelmed. We are trying to minimize the stress as much as possible. We want to know how you and your child(ren) are doing, so please complete the survey below to help us understand how remote learning is going for you, and what we can do to help you in the future.

Click here for the Parent Survey

Information about district grading guidelines for remote learning will be issued soon. These guidelines will begin Wednesday, April 8, so please don’t worry if your student has struggled with this transition. We are committed to accommodating every student and every situation to ensure that all our students are successful during this time.

We are overwhelmed by the support you have shown for Mr. Eaton. Your encouraging emails and kind words have been appreciated. Your support shows how quickly the Lake Creek community has become a family.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter and staying connected to Lake Creek. We hope you find the information helpful and resourceful; perhaps some of it will even bring you a smile. If you need anything, please reach out to any counselor or administrator. Together we will make this remote learning environment successful.


LCHS Admin Team

9th grade Christie Fleming christina.fleming@misd.org

10th grade Chris Stowe chris.stowe@misd.org

11th grade Bill Tommaney billy.tommaney@misd.org

12th grade and Curriculum Kathy Miller kathy.miller@misd.org


Congratulations Coach Spencer

All Montgomery County Coach of the Year!

Note from the Counselor

This can be a stressful time for everyone in your home. Maybe your kids have been asking lots of questions about what's going on. If so, take a look at this guidance from the CDC about how to talk to your kids about COVID-19: Talking to Your Children about COVID-19

Make your family's mental health a priority right now. Remote learning will look different for every single family. Do what works for you and your kids. It's okay if it looks a little different each day. Don't compare your family's schedule to your neighbor's. Remember to show yourself and your kids a lot of grace during this time. They miss their friends, their routine, their normal. Turn off the news. Disconnect from social media for a time. Get outside (safely). Play a board game as a family. Take advantage of family dinners (technology free) if you can.

Find ways to allow your kid to connect with their friends through technology. Maybe it's FaceTime or a Zoom call. Teenagers are social beings. They like school because they get to spend time with their friends. It's hard on them to not see their friends every day. Please continue to practice social distancing.

If you or a family member is struggling with any mental health needs during this time, reach out to your School Counselor via email. You can also take a look at the Resources tab on the LCHS Counseling Center website. You can also reach out if you or someone you know is in need of food/supplies.


Jo Hawk

Counseling Team

Jo Hawk: A-B and Lead Counselor jo.hawk@misd.org

Ryan Rees: C-H ryan.rees@misd.org

Deidra Bartholomew: I-Q deidra.bartholomew@misd.org

Lisa Bishop: R-Z lisa.bishop@misd.org
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Note from Technology - Getting Connected!

INTRODUCTION - Issues with logging in...

The closure of our schools has shunted our education system into the world of Remote Learning. Luckily the concept of Remote Learning is not a “new” idea, people have been utilizing online tools for quite some time to complete, expand, or continue their learning. What IS new, is the implementation of it on such a vast scale, and, with little to no warning to prepare. As such, even our ability to log-in to some of our basic platforms is proving to be one of the biggest obstacles that we, students, parents, and teachers alike are facing right now.

The Goal

This page is intended to offer some guidance into the process for students to log-in to their student Microsoft and/or Google accounts. While there are other systems teachers are utilizing, these two platforms are the most critical for students to be able to access at the present time. It is a lot to read, and it's about as fun as filing your taxes, but it should at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Let us help you Get Connected!

Note from Our Instructional Coaches

Your home is likely a place where your child feels comfortable and safe. This type of environment is great for many reasons. However, coronavirus has prompted many to turn their houses into a learning and/or workspace for all or part of each day. It may be challenging for your students to stay focused and engaged. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you can do in your home to create a positive remote learning environment during this time. To start, here are four ideas to help transition your home into the most productive learning environment possible:

Note from the Nurse

Domestic Violence and Abuse is rising, especially during this time as families may not feel safe presenting at a hospital or have knowledge of the 24 hour clinic at MCHD.

Should you or someone you know suspect or experience any type of abuse, please contact your local police department and/or Texas Forensic Nurse Examiners for forensic nursing services & advocacy. Children and Adults can be seen at MCHD 24 hour clinic 1300 South Loop 336 West, Conroe, 77304.

Texas Forensic Nurse Examiners 24 hour number 281-306-6893 option 1

Montgomery County Sheriffs Office 936-760-5800

Conroe Police Department 936-522-3200

Montgomery County Constable's Office 281-364-4211

Shenandoah Police Department 281-367-8952

Joyce Sonnefeld, RN BSN

LCHS School Nurse

Note from the College & Career Center

Seniors: Please continue to check the Scholarship Database for updates on deadlines/requirements regarding scholarships. Please complete the Online Request Form on the College & Career website if you need to request an unofficial or official copy of your transcript. Contact Mrs. Blancas if you have any questions!

Morgan Blancas

College & Career Counselor

Lake Creek High School

Montgomery ISD



Student Council Spirit Week

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We Want to Spotlight our Seniors

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Did you know...(Fun facts from our faculty)

I was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. Cristina Alworth

2nd degree black belt in karate. Emily Mowry

I write my own songs and play music. Dylan Larsen

I used to live in New York City. I love doing crossword puzzles. Jo Hawk

I have ran 10 half marathons. Daniella Stowers

In my twenties I skydived 45 times, 35 of them solo! Kristin Tiger

My junior year of high school, I won the district wide science fair with an experiment that tested and compared the lung capacity of athletes vs. non athletes. Kelli Bishop

I’ve been a RN 26 years. I spent 22 years working in the Hospitals. 18 months as an ICU nurse and 21 years delivering babies in L&D. Paula Millner

My appendix almost ruptured during a faculty meeting at MHS, and I had to have an emergency appendectomy. Billie Rees

I play the French Horn and I’m a member of The Woodlands Concert Band. Sheila Price

Note from Athletics

I am really proud of these young men and their accomplishments this season. Our team motto is “compete”, in the huddle, at practice and in games. “Compete” means to strive to outdo or excel and these young men have been doing that very thing this season. Highlights from our season include big wins against ranked teams in the state and in the region to include Hutto, Dallas Jesuit, Brenham and Kingwood Park with a walk-off in our first district appearance. This team is encouraged by a very strong group of seniors who lead with accountability, maturity, academic excellence and who have never and will never stop working to be their best on the field and in the classroom. As a coach, I couldn't more proud of this team!

Jeremy Schramm

Lake Creek High School

Head Baseball Coach

Athletics continued...

The second season in history for the Lake Creek Girls Basketball team was one to be remembered. Brought on by tremendous hard work, effort, and perseverance, the lions had a huge turn around from last season, that is not normally seen in one season, let alone a second year program. However, the lions tallied a 21-10 overall record and a 13-3 district record, putting the lions in 3rd place in district and earning them their first ever playoff birth. It was such a great experience for the girls and already has them hungry for more next year.

District Awards:

Jasmine Payne - Honorable Mention

Natalie Murdock - Honorable Mention

Collette Taylor - 2nd Team All-District

Makenzie Logeman - 1st Team All-District

Taliyah McShan - 1st Team All-District

Britni Coselli - District Coach of the Year

All-Montgomery County Awards:

Makenzie Logeman - 2nd Team

Taliyah McShan - 1st Team

Britni Coselli

Lake Creek High School

Head Girls Basketball Coach