Kaleigh Moeller

How to survive ?

Brian built a shelter to live in; he found scraps to make the hut out of. Each day he went looking for food he walked so far and turned around to make sure he new where his hut was, and one day he found a bush of berries and stuffed his face full of them. He took some back to the hut. Each day he went back to get more. He knew he was going to get sick and tiered of eating berries all the time. So one day Brain was taking a bath in the lake that his plain had crashed in, and saw fish he tried grabbing the fish with his hands but he was to slow ; so that night he built a spear. The next day he tried but could not catch any. He decided to aim lower, and he had finally caught a fish he felt like he had accomplished something.


Brian was on his way to go and see his father in a plane. The next thing Brian knew was that his pilot was having a heart attack. Then Brian woke up and he had crashed he had no idea where he was. Brian had to learn how to survive until someone would come looking for him. He ate berries, he made a spear and fished. He also built himself a home. Brian also new if he didn't stay warm he would die, so he built a fire after so many tries he finally succeeded. He could remember seeing the survival pack in the plane, so he went into the plane and found the survival pack he came out of the water and went back to the hut and decided to look inside. He found so many T.V dinners and packs of drinks that said just add water. He felt like he was rich. Read the book to see if he ever makes it home.