Drug Project, 7th hour-Klaudia Ward

What is Cocaine?

You can get Cocaine from the Coca plant. Cocaine started back in the 1860's. Back then they used it for depression and morphine addiction. Physicians use to prescribe this drug to there patients. Cocaine started to become very popular in the 1920's. When people started selling this drug things started become violent. Areas where they would sell and buy the drug Cocaine would be very dangerous because of all the violence. Back then the Andean Indians used to use Cocaine for a sacred goddess. The Andean Indians use to Chew or Smoke Cocaine for a spiritual begins. Cocaine is one of the oldest drugs today.

Pictures of Cocaine

Short term effects.

-Loss appetite

-Increased rate of breathing

-Dilated pupils





-Intense drug craving

-Panic and psychosis



-Sudden death from to much dose

Long term effects

-Liver damage

-Lung damage

-Kidney damage

-High blood pressure

-Leading to heart attacks


-Severe tooth decay

-Weight loss

- Infections


-Destruction of tissues if sniffed



Important Facts Satitics

-Highly addictive drug

- Seconded most trafficked drug in the world

-7.5 million used it at least once

-448,481 emergency department visits from this drug in 2005