larry page

larry pages life and network

Larry page was born in 26th of march 1973/42 years old he got his education from his parents and his high school named east Lasinghigh he was there 1987 until 1991 his network is worth 29.2 billion dollars his source of wealth is GOGGLE.

larry pages family and were he lives

Larry page is the only child his parents were both computer scientist that's he was so good at computers. He lives in America with his wife they own two houses a mansion and water house.

money and wealth

Larry page is the 10th richest man in the world he has a 45 million dollar yacht and he has his own helicopter his source is google that is worth 39.2 billion dollars and one more fact his yacht is 193 foot/feet


his mothers name was Gloria and fathers name was Carl there were computer scientist and his mother also taught programing as you can see that Larry was going to be really good at computers and his are proud and happy for Larry