Welcome Mom and Dad

This is Fifth Grade!

Things I love About Fifth Grade

So far fifth grade has been really cool. The teachers are nice and the classroom is brand new. But the technology is the best. First of all we get to use our own laptops and the technology in the classroom is much better then the Dell computers from previous years. We can go to two different websites that are really fun and helpful. One is a website called Edmodo. Edmodo is sort of like Facebook for kids. You can use it for school work. For example, when we start book clubs we can talk about the book online with the group. Another really cool website is called Sumdog. It makes math more fun than doing flash cards over and over again. Instead you can go on Sumdog and pick a game and you can do different math subjects.

What's Next

Looking Forward in Fifth Grade

In fifth grade I am looking forward to going to London. When I was still in fourth grade I kept hearing about London and I am really excited about it. I am also excited to learn new things in all subjects. Also the cow's eye dissection because it sounds really interesting and fun. Fifth grade sounds like in the future will be really fun.