Mia Hamm

Great in both worlds

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Early Life

Mia Hamm was born in March 17,1972, in Selma Alabama. Mia was the fourth of six kids born into a military family. Her dad Will Hamm was colonel in the U.S. army, and they frequently moved. Mia was named after a prima ballerina Mia Slavenska for her mothers love of ballet. When Mia was about 6 years old her mom wanted her to take ballet, but after 2 lessons she stopped. She graduated from Lake Braddock secondary school in Burke, Virginia. After graduating from University of North Carolina, Hamm married Christian Corey/ a career Marine, and played exclusively for U.S women's National team.

Getting Involved / Choices and Results

Not only was she a soccer icon she made her own foundation to help her step brother. Her step brother Garrett had a big influence on Hamm. He had a rare blood disease, aplastic anemia. Mia joined board of Marrow foundation and raised $50,000 for his bone marrow. After Garrett had died Mia established the Mia Hamm foundation in 1999, to raise money for bone marrow. She also had a golf tournament to raise money to help her foundation.

Her Words

The 42 year old superstar says her favorite role is being a soccer mom. She even said in her own book, "there is no me in Mia" to show team work.
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Hamm retired from soccer in 2004 and the year before married Nomar Garciaparra. They soon decided to make a family. In 2007 they had twin daughters, Ava and Grace, and one son, Garrett after her step brother. She also wrote a book called "Go For The Goal: A Champions Guide To Soccer and Life".

Words For Her

When Hamm was playing soccer many people admired her. Mia has this amazing ability to go right through defenders, as if by molecular displacement," said Dorrance." Another per said was 'Best female athlete of the past 40 years? Mia Hamm. And she was even better as a teammate, says Julie Foudy'.


For her soccer life young girls around the world proudly wear number 9 jerseys and put there hair back to represent a legend. Hamm after soccer appeared on "Late Night With David Letterman" in 1997 about her awards. She is still raising money for her foundation, but her favorite thing to do is be a soccer mom.

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