Canada's Culture

Roman Arana/1st Period

Taste of Canada

  • There are many different food choices in Canada. At the maritime seafood is mostly eaten in Canada.
  • You can eat lobsters with a dab of butter or lots of it.
  • Canadians like to eat snow with maple syrup on it.
  • Because has many cultures most any kind of food can be found in Canada

Art of Canada

  • Culture and arts are popular attractions for festival lovers of many kinds in Canada
  • Art is a fun daily past time for Canadian's, there is a museum called the Royal Ontario that is one of the most popular if you like art.
  • There is a fun program at the Spardina Museum that illuminates the era of the 1920+1930’S.

Everything Entertainment

  • In Canada there are festivals for everything almost anywhere. You can even take a ferry ride to a festival.
  • Popular themes for festivals and theme parks such as the famous "Wonderland
  • Canada is known for being a city that many different people that live there share the home culture, language, food and art.

Voice of Canada

  • Canada has over 100 languages spoken. The most common are English and French.
  • Quebec Canadians speak French mostly and is rich in French Culture.
  • Outside of Paris, France, Canada has the second largest French speaking population.

Sights & Landmarks

  • Toronto is Canada's largest city.
  • Niagara falls is just a hour away the shorelines and lakes are one of the city's attractions.
  • Other sights to see are Lake Ontario and some of North Americas castles like Canada's
    Casa Loma

Cozy Climate

  • Canada has all 4 seasons every year.
  • Canada is not as cold as people think. summer,fall are very mild. Temparture are from 59%/77%.
  • The winter gets below freezing (slightly) snow is usually four inches in winter skiers snow up annually.

Team Canada

  • Canadians love winter skiing and hockey.
  • Canada's most followed hockey teams are the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and the Calgary Flames.
  • LaCross is another Sport in Canada, is the official Summer Sport.