Emotions Affect Spending

How you feel affects what you spend your money on.

4 Emotions that influence how you spend money

BOREDOM- When your bored you want to do something.. Shopping is the perfect way to cure boredom.

ANGER- When your anger you have the feeling of "I deserve this so i should get it."

ENVY- If someone has something you want you want it to so you go out and get it.

HAPPY- Sometimes when your happy, you leave logic behind and celebrate.

Sympathy for the Less Fortunate

Paul Piff talks about how during a study a short commercial was shown to random people about childhood poverty. After the clip they were presented with a person who needed help. The people who had recently seen the clip were more likely to help the person in need over someone who is just passing by. Just like the photo of the dog to the right brings emotions of empathy towards the dog so you want to help it. This is similar to the video of that was shown to the random people.
SPCA Commercial

What should you do?

In order to stop your emotional spending you shouldn't spend money on something that isn't a necessity. A couple ways do to that is to stop implies buys, wait 24 hours and if you are still thinking about it get it if you forget about it you don't need it. Limit the temptations, keep yourself away fro situations surrounding emotional spending.

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