By: Carter and John Michael

Task 2. Geography and Travel

Task 3. Government/Foreign Policy

Historically, Egypt is a presidential republic. As of now, it's unclear who of what is in control. The president makes the laws, but there has been no president, so the military or whoever's in charge has. It is a limited government. There is one big issue that Egypt is in right now- themselves. Lots over civil unrest is present. You could write a book on what is happening and why. Egypt did have a president, but then he was overthrown and the military took over, and the rest is unclear. Egypt does not at all have the rights that the USA does. Citizens may be punished by fines or jail for treason against the president. They do not have freedom of press. Supposedly, it's safe to be another religion other than Muslim, but with the with the Muslim Brotherhood semi-in power, it's not because they believe that if you aren't Muslim you're an infidel, which could lead to conflict. Egypt is doing well with Libya. Egypt is also doing well with Sudan. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still going on but many countries have gathered to try to stop it from going further. Egypt is doing OK with Israel, but not great.

Task 4. Economy

Task 5. Social and Ethnic Groups

Task 6. Religion, Language, and Country Flag

Task 7. Traditional Holidays/Festivals, Clothing, and Food

Task 8. VIP's and History