Principles of Force and Motion

By: Kaitlyn and Brooke

What are the principles of force and motion?

The principles of force and motion are the rules of force and motion.


Motion: motion is a change in position

Position: position is an objects position

Force: a force is a push or a pull

Friction: friction is a force that acts between two objects or surfaces that are rubbing against each other

Gravity: the force of attraction between two objects

Balanced Force: Balanced forces do not change the motion of an object

Unbalanced Force: Unbalanced forces change the motion of an object

Trivia Time!

Question 1: What is motion?

A: position changing
B: a car driving
C: rain falling
D: leaves blowing

Question 2: What does force do?

A : push an object

B: Pull an object

C: change the direction

D: change the motion of the object

Question 3: What is an example of force?

A: a ball rolling

B: a person kicking a ball

C: a leaf falling

Question 4: is a bee flying affected by force?

yes or no