Louis Armstrong

A.K.A "Pops"

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong, A.K.A Pops, was a jazz musician of the 20's. He was born August 4, 1901, and died July 6, 1971, of a heart attack at age 69. Louis Armstrong had four wives, and one son with his first wife, Daisy Parker. One contribution to current music that Armstrong made was that he created popular music that is still listened to in houses today. Back then, families listened to Armstrong at night, at dinner, whenever they could. People loved him. Armstrong started to become interested in music when he was 11. He got a toy horn, and played it in the streets. On New Year's Eve, 1913, he was arrested for disturbing the peace, and was sent to a home for boys. A music teacher there nurtured his interests, and when he was a little older, he joined a band. As he got older he was in and out of the home, and eventually he went solo. His career went uphill from there.

A comparison

Someone I believe is similar to Armstrong is named Wynton Marsalis. He is a current day jazz musician. He plays trumpet and saxophone. Louis Armstrong also was a jazz musician, and he played the trumpet. They are also both African American artists. Marsalis doesn't sing, but he does play the trumpet very well, but Marsalis plays the saxophone and the trumpet. Armstrong only played the trumpet.

This is a video of Wynton Marsalis playing "Cherokee".

What a wonderful world - LOUIS ARMSTRONG.

What a wonderful world

This video is of Louis Armstrong singing a song that is well known all over the world, called What a Wonderful World. This is an important song because it well known, even today. It is played frequently, in my house, at restaurants, just about everywhere. Even though it's old, It's still popular. That has to say something about him. Just as A Christmas Carol is a classic book, What A Wonderful World is a classic song. This is arguably his most famous song.