The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

May 8, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

Congratulations on a very productive week. I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the PARCC Testing. The offical score for the year is Ben Franklin 1 - PARCC 0. We whooped it. I would like to thank all of our proctors, test administrators and trouble shooters. I'd also like to invite everyone to give Megan a high five. As the test administrator for the buiding, she was fantastic, and we were well-prepared for the process of testing. Our students were well prepard as a direct result of several years of great teachers at BF.

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all of the moms and expecting moms among us. Putting your heart and soul in at work each day, then caring for a family is a hard and very special job. Please enjoy the weekend and your special day. What you do from when you wake up until you go to bed is exremely difficult, but indescribably important.

This week's article of the week is actually a series of very short videos. Todd Whitaker is one of my favorite authors and speakers and does a nice job of reminding us about what makes great teachers stand out. It is a fitting reminder and tribute to all of the great teachers at BF. I hope that it is a good way to end Teacher Appreciation Week

Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!



Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today


Job interview World's Toughest Job Happy Mothers Day


Week of 5/11:...Group 2 AM Car Line (Cherny, Colavita and Cimorelli)

Monday, May 11 – GRADE LEVEL meeting (Swapped w/ Humanities) 3:45 pm

May PTO meeting 7:00 pm

Tuesday, May 12 – Walk away evacuation drill (PM–following early dismissal schedule) 1:50 pm

Wednesday, May 13 – Board of Ed. meeting 7:00 pm

Thursday, May 14 – Walk away evacuation drill rain date (PM – following early dismissal schedule) 1:40 pm

2nd Grade AM Collaboration Mtg.

District staff dinner @ Mercer Oaks 5:00 pm

Friday, May 15 – School Spirit – Aloha Day

3rd Grade Collaboration Mtg.

Week of 5/18:...Group 3 AM Car Line (Reif, Offery and Urizar)


Monday, May 18 – STEM meeting (BF & LES @ LES) 3:45 pm

Tuesday, May 19 – Bus Evacuation Drill (first thing in AM)

Gr. 3 field trip

Wednesday, May 20 – Incoming kindergarten parent orientation 6:30 pm

3-S Trout trip

Thursday, May 21 – PTO volunteer appreciation

K AM Collaboration Mtg.

Friday, May 22 – School Spirit Assembly / Spirit Day – Blue and White

No 1st Grade AM Collaboration Mtg.

Saturday, May 23 – Memorial Day Parade

Looking Ahead to Week of 5/25 and beyond


Monday, May 25 – SCHOOL CLOSED – Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26 – HUMANITIES MTG @ BF

Wednesday, May 27 – Final Faculty Council meeting 3:45 pm

PreK field trip

Friday, May 29 – Field Day

School Spirit – Blue and White

Monday, June 1 – Field Day rain date

Faculty meeting 3:45 pm

Thursday, June 4 – End of year DRAs due by 6/4

Incoming kindergarten student orientation

Friday, June 5 – Grade three party

Gr. 2 Pen Pal visit

Monday, June 8 – Gr. 3 Unity Day at LIS

Data meeting 3:45 pm

Tuesday, June 9 – Gr. 3 Unity Day at LIS (rain date)

Wednesday, June 10 – Kindergarten all-school concert 10:00 am

Board of Ed. meeting 7:00 - -pm

Thursday, June 11 – PTO Family Picnic

Kindergarten parent concert

Friday, June 12 – End of year party at Lori Tennant’s house

Monday, June 15

Faculty meeting 3:45 pm

Thursday, June 18 – PTO night at Trenton Thunder

Tuesday, June 23 – Last day of school

Clap Out

School Spirit Assembly – Wear blue and white

Quote of the Week:

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Videos this week - What Great Teachers Do Differently part 1&2 (only 2 minutes each). Todd Whitaker is a phenomenal author and speaker. This will validate so many of the things that go on at BF each day and give us ideas to think about...
What Great Teachers Do Differently: Part One
What Great Teachers Do Differently: Part Two

Tweet of the Week (to share ideas and also good people to follow)

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