~Homework~Useful or Useless~

Should Homework Be Banned From Our Everyday School Lives?


Imagine: A world without homework. Kids jumping around the second they get home, but when tests come, no one knows what to do. And as the grades come in the parents are shaking their head about the results. That was the past generation. Now, should we trust our generation of youth to be responsible to not have homework and yet be able to get A's?

The Debate About Homework

A god handful of kids always say that homework should be banned, and teachers and most adults say we should keep homework, so which side should you choose? Well, homework has positives and negatives! Here are a couple positives:

1. It helps the teacher and the student to work 1 on 1.

2. Doing homework helps build responsibility by doing every night, and if not, there will be consensuses.

3. Doing homework is like studying, but better

Now, there is not all pros, here are some cons:

1. Children are at school long enough, at home, they need time doing what they like to do, whether it is playing sports or playing video games.

2. It reduces time spent with the students family, because, they won't be there forever, although the family can help with the child's homework, and that is technically family time.

3. Homework can encourage cheating. Not always, but if it is like 6+ pages, depending on the grade of course, they (student) might get tired, or doesn't understand what is happening so they will cheat.

Now that I have told you about some of the facts, lets go deeper with each sides point of view

Do Teachers Assign to Much Homework?

Yes, maybe being assigned homework to some people is bad enough, but do teachers assign to much homework? Again and again, i say that if homework is stressful really depends on the grade. Because if in 5th grade, 1 or 2 pages is to much for you, and it is only 1 subject, just wait till middle and high school. You might have 6+, or even 10+ pages of homework, for all the subjects! So, if you are wining about 1 or 2 pages, you better tough up, if homework isn't banned by then!

Banning Homework

As I said in the introduction, should we trust out generation. I say... yes. With the new technology, we will be able to study with out bringing sheets (or 1 sheet) of homework every single night. And, kids should be held responsible for not studying for a test. As well, homework (most of the time) is stressful for the student.

( Go to thins link to see if teachers assign to much homework: https://www.debate.org/opinions/do-teachers-give-out-too-much-homework

Keeping Homework

For some people, they just day dream in class. And whether they are listening or not, homework is a good (or great) way to show that they were listening, or they understood what the teacher was talking about. As well, homework is a great way for studying for a test! So, maybe kids say that they don't have enough time, but why is that? Is that because they are in a life threatening situation? No!

Summer is Coming!

Ahhhhhh, lemonade, the pools, the beach, summer is amazing! But wait! Summer isn't here yet! During the last could of weeks, or the last week of school, some or most kids loose focus, so the teacher needs to push the student during class, and at home, so homework is a great way to keep kids going during the last week of school.
~Facts About Banning Homework and Keeping it~

(Just so you know, the last fact for banning homework is not true, well at least, for my teacher!)

Do the students get a say in this debate?

Yes, maybe the kids tell their teachers and their parents that they don't want homework, but is that just wasting the time of the parent, teacher, and student. I say that the kids should have some say in the debate because we are the people who have to do the work.

Does Homework Effect Test Scores?

Many people say that homework is some sort of studying which effects the student in a good way, and some people say that homework uses all of the brain's fuel. It really depends on the type of homework, how hard it is, and when the test is. For saying sake, if you get an assignment that is a 1000 word essay, and you only have 1 night, and the test is the next day, then it might run out the brain's energy. But, if it was a 100 word essay, very simple topic, and it is due in 2 weeks, with the test being a day after that 2 week deadline, then it might be OK. It just depends on the person, and their time that can spend on it! ( As well, never let someone say "I didn't have any time", because that really means they don't care about the assignment!

An Idea for Students in High school!

Here's and idea for students in high school! As you know, these students has a plenty amount of homework. So, instead of 10+ pages, you should have around 4 pages, but the extras, should be extra credit. But, for elementary schools, if we keep homework, we should have the same amount as we did before! (We only have 1 or 2 pages a night!

Is it Possible to make Homework "Fun"?

In class, if you follow us on twitter (Twitter: @jedimastermccoy ) the you know we play games to make learning fun, but when your at home, how do you make "homework fun"? Well, whether it is you get rewarded with small treats after each question, or you get a bigger treat after you finish, there are many different ways. Here are some suggestions from a website:

What is your opinion about Homework?

Yes, I know that I have told you which side I'm taking, and I'm not planning to, but, why don't you share with me your point of view. Email me at wpie8057@student.liberty.k12.mo.us!

So... What Should We Do About Homework

So, in conclusion, homework really depends on the kind of person you are and your own opinion, but because I put out the facts for you, maybe you changed sides. But, I will tell you this, most websites that are arguing about homework, and they are taking surveys, banning homework is wining by a lot. So, what do you think about homework?