Join us for Gifted Bootcamp!

Bootcamp is...

for new gifted teachers and administrators who want to learn the basics of gifted education in Pennsylvania or for those veteran teachers and administrators who want to freshen up their skills.

Participants will receive 8 hours of ACT 48. There is minimal work before each session.

Participants will need to attend all three sessions to receive ACT 48 credit.

Day 1

Thursday, Sep. 16th, 9-11am

This is an online event.

Day 1 is an overview of gifted in Pennsylvania. This session provides some insight into who are our gifted children, what is Chapter 16 and what social/emotional needs do our students have.

Day 2

Thursday, Sep. 30th, 9-11am

This is an online event.

Day 2 is all about the GIEP process. This day will walk participants from screening and evaluation through GIEP writing.

Day 3

Thursday, Oct. 14th, 9-11am

This is an online event.

Day 3 wraps things up by talking about progress monitoring, the Gifted Guidelines, and the FAQs. We also talk about what compliance monitoring looks like from a districts perspective and how to have conversations with families about their children.

Asynchronous Version

If the synchronous session doesn't work with your schedule, you can join us for the asynchronous version! Everything in the three day synchronous version is included in this course. This is a work at your own pace course in Schoology. To register for this version of the Boot Camp, click the link below.
Register for the Asynchronous Version

This will take you to a registration through MCIU so you can get ACT 48 for your course. We report the ACT 48 quarterly so there might be a delay in your completion and the reporting to PDE.

For more information

Please feel free to reach out to Amy Davis or Patrice Semicek if you have any questions about this event!