Modeltowner Minute

What's Happening at GACS

From the Desk of the Superintendent

Thanksgiving Break is the first holiday break of the school year. It provides a long weekend for the students and families after an almost 11 week stretch. I am certainly looking forward to a few extra days off and a short break from the grind that has been this school year.

It is easy to think of how hectic things have been and the struggles that have occurred this school year and the hurdles that we still have to get over going forward. However, it is just as easy to think of all of the good things that have happened and the many things to be Thankful for.

This job allows for me to get into all three buildings at various times during the day and I am always impressed with the dedication our staff has to providing the best educational environment for our students. The commitment of our departments throughout the district to care for our students is outstanding and as good as anywhere I have ever worked.

So I am going to share some of the things I am Thankful for:

-A dedicated teaching and paraprofessional staff that not only focus on the curricular needs of the student but also focus on the 'whole' student.

-A food service department that works tirelessly to provide nutritional meals for our students and offers a variety that our students will enjoy. And service with a smile:)

-A transportation department that ensures the safety and well-being of our students while riding our buses. They are often the first face the students see and the last one at the end of the day, which gives our staff the opportunity to start the day off right and end it with a smile.

-A maintenance and custodial staff that take pride in keeping our buildings clean and operating. Hundreds of people are in and out of our buildings daily and with that kind of traffic comes a lot of upkeep and this staff meets it head on and makes sure it is in tip-top shape.

-A technology team that maintains over 1300 devices in the district and a network that over a thousand people use daily. Everyone knows when the internet goes down but rarely understand the time and effort that goes into keeping it up and running smoothly most of the time.

-An administrative team and office staff that are second to none. Enough said!

-A Board of Education that has the task of overseeing everything that is happening in the district and serving the needs of our community. I have enjoyed working with this group of people and look forward to this opportunity moving forward. They are committed to providing the best for our students, families and community.

-Last but certainly not least, I am Thankful for this community. There is so much pride and commitment to our school district and our kids in this community. I love being at events and having the chance to talk about school with parents and community members. We live in a great small town that carries a lot of Modeltowner Pride!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a chance to rest and catch up with family. I am looking forward to our family being home and spending time with them.

Thank You to our Veterans

Prior to Veteran's Day, students at Gilbert Elementary take home a star and have the family fill it out. Each star has a Veterans name, military branch and years served. This poster is on display in the hallway for all to see. Thank You to all who have served and continue to serve our country.

God Bless America!

Modeltowner Mark Printing

This past week saw a new delivery to the HS and our young entrepreneur classes. A screen printing press was available for purchase to increase opportunities for our Advanced Digital Design Applications (ADDA) class. The device was purchased from Darren and Therese Viitala to be used for production in this CTE course. We are very excited for this opportunity to learn something new and provide a service to our community. Here is a message from our ADDA class:

The Advanced Digital Design Applications (ADDA) class is very excited to begin using their new addition to the printing room equipment. We are eagerly learning the equipment and can’t wait to soon be taking orders! So for your next team event, family reunion, or bulk shirt order don’t forget to contact our school printing business Modeltowner Mark Printing. We’d be happy to serve you!

Students of the Month

Congrats to our Students of the Month. These students have worked very hard and represent our Modeltowner Pride!

Giving Back

Over the past couple of weeks things have gotten a little crazy at Gilbert Elementary. They decided to have a can drive to support some of our local pantries during this time of 'giving back to the community'. The classes organized a friendly competition to see who could bring in the most items. Well things got very interesting as the competition went to a whole new level. The lobby at school was taken over by the amount of goods being brought into support this great cause. In the end, Mrs. Kimsel's class was victorious bringing in the most amount of goods. However, the true winner was the food pantries as this helped support the needs of our community with over 6,000 pounds of food collected. Great Job Gilbert Elementary and a High Five to Mrs. Kimsel's class!

TV6 was there during the pick up and had a short segment on the news. If you did not see it, here is the link.

Employee Spotlight

Samantha Peterson

Samantha Peterson has been teaching for GACS for 4 years. She is currently working in 2nd grade at Sawyer Elementary. She is a graduate of Mid-Peninsula High School. Mrs. Peterson and her husband Will have been married for 16 years and have two sons, Carl (17) and Clay (10). Both Carl and Clay are students at GACS. The family loves watching sports together and spend a lot of time at GHS sporting events cheering on Carl. They are faithful followers of the Green and Gold, looking forward to watching the Packers play every Sunday! When they are not cheering "Go Pack Go!", they get out and enjoy the great outdoors. They spend as much time as possible in the woods on the four wheelers and the family Ranger.

When asked about what she enjoyed most about teaching for GACS, Mrs. Peterson responded "I love the people most of all. GACS feels like a family to me. I love collaborating with other teachers and sharing ideas. I believe this type of environment best serves student learning. I feel that everyone in our school district cares deeply about the students that we serve and want them to be successful. I am proud to work with such a driven group of individuals."

Thanks Mrs. Peterson for being a part of our district and impacting the lives of our students. You continue to carry the essence of Modeltowner Proud!

Kelly Storms

Kelly Storms is in her 4th year working in the GACS Food Service department. She is a graduate of Ishpeming High School. Kelly and her husband, Jake, have been married for 13 years. Kelly is "Momma to three handsome boys". Her stepson Bryce is 17 and a senior at Negaunee HS. Jaxsin is 9 years old and attends Sawyer Elementary and Jordy is in Pre-K and goes to Kids-R-Us. Kelly lights up when she has a chance to talk about her boys. Bryce is 'incredibly smart and a great kid', Jaxsin is 'full of life, smart and wears his heart on his sleeve', Jordy is ' a love bug, he loves to snuggle and has a big heart'. Proud Mom:) Outside of work and school, the family enjoys time together. The boys love to hunt, fish and play sports. Mom enjoys time with the boys watching movies, cooking and baking. Having the opportunity to travel and see new places is also something the family enjoys.

When asked about what she enjoys most about working for GACS, Mrs. Storms responded, "This is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I enjoy coming to work everyday. I’m a lunch lady for the Gwinn Schools & I’ve also had the pleasure of serving our community food in the summer for 2 years now. There’s something so rewarding about being a lunch lady. I adore all the kids & love them all. I love all my co-workers & my bosses."

Thanks Mrs. Storms for being a part of our district and impacting the lives of our students. You continue to carry the essence of Modeltowner Proud!