Ms. Foster's Class News

February 16, 2016

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Important Notes

  • Mid Term Reports will go home on Tuesday.
  • Read to Succeed Forms are due February 19th.

Classroom Gojo

We use Classroom Dojo as our behavior management system. Students will be recording their daily points on their Pride Calendar. The Pride Calendar should be coming home daily in the blue folder.

* Please consider signing up for Classroom Dojo. You will be able to see your child's daily progress.


Students should be reading, studying spelling words, completing some of the Math Topic Study Guide and studying math facts each evening.

Please consider adding 1 or 2 long division problems and 2 by 2 digit multiplication problems to your evening routine. Students need to continue to practice these skills.

Curriculum Notes

Reading: We will start our Mythology Unit this week. We will be reading several myths and discussing the elements of a myth.

Writing: In writing, we will create Mythology Trading Cards..

Spelling: Spelling List 22. Test is Friday.

Math: In Math, we are starting Topic 12, which addresses fractions. The Topic 11 test will be Wednesday, February 17th.

Due Dates

  • The Topic 11 Math Study Guide is due February 17th.
  • The February Reading Calendar is due on February 29th.
  • Copies of the Topic Study Guide are on our class website so you can download extra copies as needed. Check out the Math link.


Your child should do 4 book reports per quarter. It does not matter if they are fiction or nonfiction. Students must have 12 fiction and 6 nonfiction by the end of the school year. Any Mark Twain Book that a student reads and submits to Mrs. Hendricks counts as a book report. I do not have forms. I accept anything from book talks to posters to powerpoint presentations. GET CREATIVE!

Google Accounts

  • Students will be using their Google Accounts. Their email address will be: first name initial, last name, last 3 digits of student number @ g,
  • ex. sfoster456@g, The password is: fh student number ex. fh123456
  • Students do not have email accounts. The email is used just for a username.

Google Sites

Our class website is:

Use your child's google account to sign in.

Here you will find links to websites that we will be using, copies of Math Topic Study Guides and extra Reading Calendars and other important information.