Are You Ready for Summer?

Tips for summer reading to keep your student on track!

Read, Read, Read!!

It's hard to believe that summer is right around the corner. Your child has worked hard all year learning skills to prepare them for third grade. Summer is a great opportunity to build on those skills! Unfortunately, summer can also be a period where children lose ground if they don't practice. This newsletter is dedicated completely to ways to keep that from happening. Please read it carefully and decide what you can do to help keep your student on track!

Tips for Summer Reading

  • Your child should read every day for at least 20 min. See graphic above highlighting the research behind it's importance.
  • Visit the library often! Help your child find the right fit. These include books that they are highly interested in but are not above their reading level.
  • Read with your child. Listen to them read aloud and discuss the story with them. Highlight and discuss things like character traits, setting, problems and solutions.
  • Read to your child. This is a great opportunity to read books that they would enjoy but may not be able to read on their own. Have conversations about what you read!
  • Read for a variety of purposes. Reading directions to complete a craft or set up a game or reading a recipe to make a new treat, are easy ways to offer a variety of opportunities.
  • Play games that reinforce vocabulary. Apples to Apples and Headbands are two great examples.
  • Encourage writing. Having your child keep a summer diary is a wonderful way for them to write a little every day.
  • Set a good example! Carve out time in your day to read. Making it a priority sends the perfect message to your child!
  • Kids love technology! If you have access to a computer or an I-pad, introduce them to educational websites that they can spend time on. A list of recommended sites is below.
  • Get involved in at least one community reading program. I have provided a few suggestions below.

Online Activities and Interactive Educational Websites

National Geographic for Kids: For nature lovers, this website offers wonderful videos and activities for kids to explore, learn and apply their knowledge in fun and interactive ways.

Discovery Kids: Is your child interested in things like space, history, pets or sharks? They can play games and watch videos on these topics and more!

Time For Kids: This is an online magazine written specifically for kids, exploring news related topics from all around the world.

PBS Kids Lab: This online resource offers a variety of learning opportunities from educational games to activities and apps for kids pre-k through grade 3.

Scholastic and

Reading Rockets: These are both wonderful reading websites to help connect your child with books they will love and there are many resources for parents as well.

Community Summer Reading Programs - Get Involved!

Baltimore County Public Library- All details of the summer reading program can be found at

Sky Zone Tramploline Park- Our school has partnered with Sky Zone in Timonium. Your child will receive a Sky Zone bookmark. They just need to read 5 books and bring the completed bookmark in for a FREE 30 minute jump. It's that easy!

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Triatholon: Barnes and Noble offers a great way to earn free books simply by reading books. Information can be found on the website at

Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!

Mrs. Jones