my colleges

by reid dunivan

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located in utah

private school

total number of students enrolled 31,123

# of students that apply 11,423

# of students admitted 5,645

out of state and in state tuition 4,850

supplies 992

room and board on and off campusm7,250

other expences per year 8,808

total cost per year 27,986

grand total 111,944

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American International College

located in massachuesets

private school

total # of students enrolled 1,928

number of students that apply 1,307

# of students admitted 922

in state tuition $30,040

out of state tuition $1,200

my tuition costs per year $12,150

supplies per year $1,510

room/board on compus $4,570

room/board off campus $2,870

other expenses per year $2,870

per year $25,170

grand total $100,680