Reading Comprehension Strategies

for struggling readers in the primary grades

Why reading comprehension matters to us all

Reading is a skill that is not only important, it can open new worlds and opportunities to those for whom it would not otherwise exist and create successes and opportunities in life. While reading may seem common for all student’s in America today, the truth is that many students struggle with not just reading, but understanding and interacting with what they read. Often these struggles begin in the very early grades but are not caught until the problem has caused a lack of motivation and interest in reading altogether, a huge disservice to the student and society as a whole. The issue of reading comprehension is a very important topic and I will address its importance and specific strategies to help readers, especially struggling readers, in the primary grades kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Why the strategies work

By using strategies such as questioning, visualizing, paraphrasing, graphic organizers such as story maps, summarizing. inference, comparing and contrasting, drawing conclusions, problem-solving, relating background knowledge, and using expository and informational text as well as narratives, teachers and parents will be helping their young readers learn how to understand what they read. It is not enough for students to know how to read, they must interact with and make sense of what they read.

Teaching comprehension videos

Before, During and After Questions: Promoting Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking
Summer reading list for all ages

This list contains book titles for your students and children to read throughout the summer. No need for the summer break to cause a summer set-back!

Graphic organizer to use while reading

Here parents will a find graphic organizer for their child to use while reading. This will allow them to interact with the text and truly understand what they are reading.

Book review sheet

This link provides students with a worksheet to write a book review about what they have read and practice their reading comprehension strategies they have learned

More book choices

This scholastic site has many book options for your child. There are many choices of books of all genres that will keep your child entertained and reading all summer! Don't forget to look for them at your local library!