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2017 - 2018 Fourth Grade Weekly News


Another week in the books! This week was not even close to our normal routine due to the NWEA schedule and make-up, but we are using our lifelines of being flexible and accomplishing as much as possible.

This week, we started our first reading unit with a pre-assessment. I graded those quickly and then each student was able to see my markings and where they think they personally want to grow as a reader. We will be working on goal setting a lot this year.

In math, we worked on problem solving strategies and how those can look different from our partners. We have a new "Mathematician's Notes" wall and this will be showcasing the different strategies kids in the classroom create. Creating a student-created classroom is MY goal this year.

We kicked off our spelling this week and the kids had some amazing conversations with their sort. We were looking at the -dge and -ge spelling patterns. I love how they are starting to see patterns before we come to the carpet to discuss those rules.

Next week:

  • Math: We are finishing out initial building unit and will begin Unit One at the end of this week.
  • Grammar: We are adding pronouns and adjectives to the mix.
  • Reading: As you all saw, we are trying to push for 40minutes nightly reading habits. We have talked about this A LOT in class. We are looking for a trend and creating a reader's life. I will talk more about this on Thursday at Curriculum Night.
  • Writing: We will work on the ARC of the story.
  • Science: The Moon, the phases and Earth's rotation

Solar Eclipse

As you all know, the Solar Eclipse will be this Monday, August 21st. The eclipse will begin around 1:00pm, peaking around 2:30pm, and concluding around 4:00pm.

Our plans in fourth grade:

All week, we will be learning about the moon, the rotation and the phases. Our STEM teacher, Mrs. Benson, has already done an amazing job introducing the phenomenon of a Solar Eclipse - the how, whys and safety tips. In class on Monday, we will revisit those lessons and review our safety plan frequently throughout the day. The 4th grade, as a whole, will take the students in small groups out to observe the eclipse following safety procedures. The remaining students will be inside the school and will be observing NASA's live feed.

Please, let me know if you have any questions and I am more than happy to help. What a fun experience!

Camp Tecumseh

We have been talking a lot about our timeline of Indiana History. We took it back to about the 1500/1600's and we are almost to the 1800's! These lessons are helping prepare the students to take their minds back to a time period of early pioneers - much like they'll experience in camp.

This week, you will hear more about camp during Curriculum Night, and I will also send out a few e-mails with schedules and packing lists. The fourth grade teachers have been working diligently to ensure a fun and safe trip. We have created our trail and cabin groups around the student's requests. With 75 children involved, each child did not get all five requested classmates in his/her group; however, we honored as many requests as possible and ensured each child had at least one person on his list in his group.

Also, the entire 4th grade has over 30 parent chaperones joining us! Y'all rock! I will get chaperone information out later this week, too. Having an overnight field trip this quick in the year is an interesting challenge, but I am thankful we will most likely have warm and wonderful weather! Warm weather = less packing!

Mrs. Kersey, our new Assistant Principal, read us a book! (The kids call her the Vice President a lot!)

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Brain Buddies with Mrs. Megli's SECOND graders!

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The French and Indian War Play

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Special's Schedule

  • Monday: STEM
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Art
  • Thursday: Wellness **bring/wear tennis shoes
  • Friday: Library

Upcoming Dates!

  • August 21 - Solar Eclipse

    August 24 - Picture Day and Curriculum Night

    August 30th - Up With People visits Boone Meadow

    August 31st and September 1st - Camp Tecumseh

    September 4th - No school in observance of Labor Day