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Pac-man a historic game

Pac-Man was released in may 22 1980, in Japan and was licensed to the U.S. in October 1980. Pac-Man quickly rose to the top of the view game market.

More on Pac-Man

The maker of Pac-Man had no experience in game designing. Pac-Man was inspired by a missing pice of pie and Popeye. Each monster had there own behaves. One chase, two try to get him from the front, will the last one will chase and change course. The first Pac-Man game was called Puck-Man. The American's changed the name from Puck-Man to Pac-Man

Monsters of Pac-Man

PacMan Original Theme


Questions: Have you ever heard of Puck-Man?

Answer: Yes No No No No No

Questions: What year did they come out with Pac-Man?

Answer: 1981 1983 1940 1975 1977 1983

Questions: Have you ever played Pac-Man?

Answer: Remakes yes No Yes No Yes

Questions: Did you ever notice the different character in the game.

Answer: No yes No No No No