President Jackson Poster

By Sam Bender

What He Did To Promote Democracy

I think that they did promote democracy because he was a good man but sometimes he wasn't. He did help the Indians because he wanted to help them and he even said that they can stay at there land and homes but he said also that they could go with him. They where really mean at first because they kicked the Indians out of there homes and they had to walk that was called the trail of tears.But when they went with the people to the cells it was kind of like jail and they would try to escape and some of them would die while trying to escape.

Why he should be criticized

Thursday, Jan. 16th, 12am


I think that he should be criticized because he was kind of a bad man but he was the president of the united states. He was the one who helped the Indians and let them keep there homes and land. So I think he was a really good man for that .