Ms. Farris' Class Newsletter

April 29th, 2016

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Looking Ahead

May 2nd- 100+ Book Club Ends!
May 4th- PLC Early Out
May 5th- Kindergarten Concert

Specials this week

Monday: Art
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Music
Friday: PE

Your First Grader Has Been Working On...

  • Reading and writing words with suffixes "ly"
  • Learning about the life cycle of chicks and butterflies
  • determining if shapes are divided into equal shares
  • Working on their ocean animal research projects- 5 students have completed their projects and they are looking awesome!!
  • Reading books about ocean animals
  • Completing district benchmark assessments

Data Notebooks

If you have not had your child return their notebooks, please do so ASAP. We will be adding to these in the next week. Thank you!

100+ Book Club

Our due date for turning in 100+ book club forms is fast approaching. The last day to have the 100+ book club form completed will be Monday, May 2nd. I will not be able to take any forms after the due date since we need official numbers to order the pizza for our celebration. If your child is reading books as part of Reading Improvement groups, have them log those books down on their book log! We now have 18 students that have made the 100+ book club!

3rd annual Pathfinder/Barry Fun Run Safety Day

Who: All ages

What: 3 races: K-2 Race, 3-5 Race and a 5K, followed by Safety Activities (Self-Defense, Water Safety, and Law Enforcement) Top 10 medals will be awarded per division and Top 3 for 5k

When: May 7th 9am

Where: Barry-Platte Park pavilion

Why: To promote fitness, goal setting, and safety in all situations.

Cost: FREE

Counting down to summer break!

This week we celebrated by:
I: Ice Pop Day!
J: Jump Rope Day!
K: Kindness Day! We traveled around the building an handed out kindness notes and Hershey Kisses to every staff member at Pathfinder!
L: Lollipop Day!
M: Minute to Win it! We had an indoor snowball fight!
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We have loved watching our caterpillars grow!

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Visiting our eggs...Due to hatch May 6th!!!

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Unfortunately, our classroom incubator hasn't been able to hold the correct temperature so Mrs. Platz has been egg sitting for us. We have visited them a few times and will be visiting a lot more as we get closer to their due date. Our chicks are due Friday, May 6th! They will be moved to a box in our classroom once they have hatched! We are SO excited for the week ahead and are looking forward to welcoming them into our classroom!

Have a Great Weekend!!

~Ms. Farris~