The Proclamation of 1763

New treaty causes alliance with Indians in Virginia

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The Proclamation Of 1763

Because of the proclamation of 1763,land is now more limited as it cannot be bought from native tribes,and thus the tobacco industry’s growth by making more plantations may grind to a halt.This may lead to unemployment in the tobacco industry.However,land has been given to almost all soldiers,which may hopefully promote more soldiers to join the next war (which will almost inevitably happen)

What is the proclamation of 1763?

Previously mentioned;the proclamation of 1763 states that no settlement is to take place beyond a certain line which marks Native Territory,which could limit new plantations.Every general to private man will have a certain amount of acres given to them,which they may use for tobacco production,giving more profit to the industry.

Virginia is rich

By 1675, Virginia had become Great Britain's most lucrative American colony, exporting more than ten million pounds of tobacco to England annually.Virginia was now rich,so it could now afford land to appreciate its troops,which may encourage more troops to join next war

The Tobacco industry slows down growth and more

Because of the Proclamation,land is now more limited and the tobacco industry will not grow as much,along with all the land given to the generals and private men,this surely would boost the economy,which could fund exploring,and further settling as long as it was not past the "Indian Border".

The proclamation Has Created Good Effects And Bad Effects In Colonial Virginia

Some good effects may have been the troops getting land,which may encourage more troops to join the next war,increasing the chances of America winning the next war.Some bad effects may be tension between the British and Natives,caused by colonists wanting to take the land from the Indians
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