Are You Forgetful?

Are you ALWAYS forgetting to do your homework?

It's normal! Many teenagers can relate to the same frustrating feeling of forgetting that one thing you told yourself you wouldn't forget, whether it be a best friend's birthday or a major project for your class. Here are some helpful tips for you to use next time you need to remember something (as long as you remember to use the tips)!

1. Pay Attention!

Hey, bring your attention back over here! How can you expect the information in this flyer to transfer into long-term memory if you don't keep yourself from being distracted from it? It's the same way with your school work! Find a place to study that is free of TV, music, or any other distractions so that you are able to focus all your attention on what matters most.

2. Organize the Information You're Studying

Your brain is like a filing cabinet; it loves to be organized, and it has a special place for everything. If one thing is in more than one cabinet, it will be easier to remember! This can also work for your school work. By organizing your notes and homework, you will be more likely to remember to do the assignment or remember the information for an upcoming test.

3. Connect new information to what you already know

Brand new and unfamiliar information can be difficult to remember, but by taking the time to relate this new information to what you already know, you will find that it will be easier for you to retrieve the new information whenever it is needed.