Airport Cab Express

We have the capacity to serve a variety of transportation needs to large-scale

Airport Cab Express offers are the best that exists in Berkeley City since we have over 250 units of recent model, uniformed and trained to provide a high quality service.

Airport Cab Express Transportation is a company Real, to request our Serbs you security that you arrived at your destination in a comfortable, safe and on time. We have extensive experience in the transportation service and our thousands of satisfied customers give our testimonial.

Airport Cab Express offers San Francisco airport taxi for any users, we performing services in San Francisco, pickup or destination in any direction or railway transport (bus, rail, airport), and transportation from any existing taxis stop around the Territorial Area Joint Provision of taxi service the Berkeley.

In our Taxi cab service, we care about the accessibility of our services to all groups, and therefore our facilities are suitable, in addition to several vehicles euro taxis for those who request them.

Taxi services requested are channeled through a fleet management system based on GPS technology and informatics, which locates the closest to the pickup address free taxi, minimizing possible, waiting times. We have the capacity to serve a variety of transportation needs to large-scale special events arrangements up. Sales Service gives you a high-quality implementation of the conditions to the average cost information.

The taxi to the Airport Cab Express, call (510) 848-8282 for a taxi should not be ordered directly from San Francisco. Airport Cab Express is given to the driver boards the taxi immediately before the start of the journey. The driver put the card reader and the end of the trip lu-pager notify the distance traveled, the entire cost of the trip, as well as the deceased's deductible. The customer pays for the deductible for the driver