NCL Class of 2022 June Meeting

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The Class of 2022, Grade Level Advisors invite all Ticktockers to attend the NCL Hills of Austin June meeting. Get to know your fellow Ticktocker Class of 2022, appoint Ticktocker Officers and Positions for 2016-2017, and plan activities and meetings for the coming year.

Ticktockers Phone Numbers Needed

We know that the best way for the girls to communicate is by texting each other. Along those lines, please send us your daughters phone number so we can establish a group text for the girls.

Grade Level Advisors

Tina Dobie

Amy Lasseter

Danielle Rivas

Lydia Soldano

NCL Hills of Austin Class of 2022, June Meeting

Wednesday, June 1st, 6:30pm

1614 Bruton Springs Road

Austin, TX


Introduction of GLA's

Introduction of Ticktockers

Develop Meeting Norms

Discuss Purpose of Officers and Positions

Appoint New Officers and Positions

Review 7th Grade Chapter Plan

Review 2016-17 Calendar Dates

Brainstorm Meeting Ideas

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