Technology Rules for Parents

By: Sartaj Bhatti

Rule #1

Don't let your parents use their phones or any other devices while driving a car or other transportation. They should take this precaution seriously because they could crash or get into an serious accident while they are being careless.

Rule #2

Do not let your parents click on pop up adds because bad things may and will appear almost every time. They shouldn't because a virus can be installed or a hacker controlling the adds can access there personal information.

Rule #3

Make sure your parents don't give out personal information to strangers. Because the stranger could use the information aggainst you like a weapon you gave power to.

Rule #4

Don't send bad pictures or messages to anyone. Because it may be cyber bulling or the reciver could be a person who will use those things aggainst you.

Rule #5

Don't use technology as a right use it as a privilege and a helpful tool. This is an important rule because everyone needs to respect internet safety and use their common sense while on any technology.

Rule #6

Make sure any of your personal accounts are set to private. They should do this because then no strangers can follow them and you can see the person wanting to follow you.

Rule #7

Make sure you do not do or post anything bad or nasty on the internet. They should do this because it will seem like the are a bad person to everyone or even that they don't care about there actions.
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Rule #8

For all or any personal devices make sure it has a safety lock on it or enabled. Parents should do this because then no one can access there personal devices.

Rule #9

Make sure that you do not copy other peoples work online that is called plagerism. They should obey this law because that is another persons work there to give you ideas not so you can rip it off them.

Rule #10

Don't try to buy free things of the internet. You should not because you will get scammed and often the people ask for credit card information they use that information to buy things for them selves.

The End